Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains the methods used by Altrix Edge to collect and process data from users when on our website.

This Privacy Policy explains the methods used by Altrix Edge to collect and process data from users when on our website. We respect all applicable legislation and adhere to relevant privacy-related laws. We only collect data that is necessary for the function and development of the Altrix Edge website and services.


This Privacy Policy elaborates on the process of collecting, processing, using, storing, and protecting user data. Throughout this policy, we also explain our users’ rights in relation to their data and its use by Altrix Edge.


Several legal terms will be present throughout this Privacy Policy. Please familiarise yourself with the below terms and their definitions before continuing to read this policy.

How Does Altrix Edge Collect Personal Data?

Altrix Edge uses several methods to collect Personal Data from users. When navigating the website and using available services, you will have your Personal Data collected in the following ways:

Volunteering data through website usage

When using Altrix Edge, through some of your actions, you will voluntarily be providing us with Personal Data. For example, when you register for a Altrix Edge account, we generally require basic personal details, such as a contact number, full name, and email address. This is necessary for us to create an account on your behalf. By providing data through our registration form, you consent to us collecting and processing this data.

Sharing data through communication

If you make an inquiry to the official Altrix Edge contact page, we will usually require information such as your full name, email address, and contact number. Alongside the reason for your message and the text, data, and images inside it, we will likely collect and store this data to make future correspondence straightforward. Any data irrelevant to our scope of services or the functioning of the Altrix Edge website will not be processed.

Additional data available from standard website usage

We may collect other additional Personal Data through various tools and cookies used on the Altrix Edge website. In this instance, the data collected will be related to the demographic background and behaviour of our users. This collected data will be used collectively as a form of group identification.

The Legality of Processing Personal Data

At Altrix Edge, we only process data that is crucial to the proper functioning of our website so that we can provide a positive user experience. We can analyse and improve our services by collecting and processing Personal Data. All data collection and processing is done in coordination with applicable privacy laws and does not violate user rights.

Data is collected and processed by Altrix Edge on the following legal grounds:

Please note that Altrix Edge is not the direct Data Processor, and no data is stored on our servers. After you create an account on our website, we have your consent to supply it to the designated Data Processor. This means we will share data with the affiliated broker who has been assigned to you and who, at this time, will be responsible for processing your data.

If you have any queries relating to our data-related rights or wish to raise your concerns, please contact your assigned broker directly through any available means of communication.

How Does Altrix Edge Use Collected Data?

There are several ways that Altrix Edge utilises the data we collect from users. Overall, it is generally used to enable a more straightforward and efficient method of communication with our users and to enhance their website experience. In this section, we shall cover some of the main ways we use collected data.

Does Altrix Edge Use Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that help identify and distinguish users and their devices when accessing Altrix Edge. Cookies are used to help us analyse our website performance and further improve it for the benefit of our users. Cookies are necessary for developing our website and allow us to tailor and enhance our services.

Three main types of cookies are used on our website to collect user data.

Altrix Edge users have the option to opt out of the use of cookies by disabling them in their browser settings. However, by disabling cookies, your user experience may be negatively impacted, and the website may not work as intended.

Please consult our Cookie Policy for more information on cookie use.


Altrix Edge does not store any Personal Data on our servers. Once we refer users with accounts to our affiliated third-party brokers, the brokerage will be responsible for processing, storing, protecting, and deleting any user data.

All brokers we are affiliated with adhere to the GDPR and any other privacy laws relevant to the country they are based in. However, we still urge users to familiarise themselves with the conditions regarding collecting and using their Personal Data through their assigned broker’s own Privacy Policy.


The Altrix Edge team strives to abide by the highest possible security standards to help protect user data. All necessary measures have been executed to ensure that user data is safeguarded throughout the use of this website. We will not share any user data with unauthorised parties. We will notify users in the case of being legally obliged to share data so that we can receive their explicit consent where it is necessary.

If we receive any requests for access to the data of our users, we shall take the appropriate measures to investigate these requests and determine their legitimacy, even if they are made by the authorities or government agencies. Altrix Edge will always do its best to determine if our users’ data privacy rights do not outweigh such requests and will only comply if legally required to. The client will be notified of any such requests for access to their data.

Our staff members are under strict confidentiality rules and are obligated to maintain user data privacy and not share it with anyone. Your Personal Data will only be exposed to the minimum number of people necessary to ensure our website and services can function properly.

If a request is issued by a government agency or body that has the legitimate right to, we may be obligated to disclose user data in order to obey the authorities. For instance, if a user is involved in a criminal investigation, we may need to cooperate with the corresponding authorities by providing them with Personal Data associated with the user in question.

Data Sharing

Altrix Edge will not share user data with third parties without consent from the user. However, users need to be aware that their data will be processed by the Data Processor(s), who have their own privacy terms outlined on their respective websites.

Besides third-party brokers, the hosting company Altrix Edge uses to run its website also is legally entitled to access to user data and serves as an additional Data Processor.

If you wish to know more about the privacy policies of our third-party partners, advertisers, or websites featured on the Altrix Edge website, we suggest you visit their own privacy policy pages to gain a better understanding of how each third-party website works, how they collect your data, and in what ways they use it.

General Data Protection Rights (GDPR) and Altrix Edge

Altrix Edge's Privacy Policy is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that every EU citizen is granted the benefits of.

The regulations outlined in the GDPR cover the following user rights:

Additionally, users have the right to refuse to accept data collection and contest our collecting of their data in the pursuit of a legitimate interest if they can prove their right to privacy overrides our stated grounds for data collection.

If you are an EU citizen and want to exercise any of your General Data Protection Rights (GDPR), you have the right to do so and are free to reach out to us through the Contact Us page of the official Altrix Edge website. Other privacy-related laws may apply depending on where users are located.

Updates to This Policy

Altrix Edge reserves the right to make changes and revisions to the content displayed on this website. This Privacy Policy is also subject to change at any time and without prior notice to users. Any amendments will take effect instantly after becoming live on Altrix Edge. The user must keep updated with the latest version of this Privacy Policy, even when they have not been informed of any changes. Continued use of this website constitutes consent to the Altrix Edge Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or any other content on Altrix Edge, please Contact Us using the form found on the Contact Us page.